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Traditional And Reclaimed Materials


At The Stripy Paint Company we specialise in supplying items that are appropriate for older buildings. 

Our approach is slightly different, we don’t tend to carry much stock but instead we have put our efforts into building a network of suppliers and specialist crafts people with the aim of being able to find anything and deliver it anywhere.


This approach allows us the flexibility to provide a tailored personalised service to our customers offering the widest possible variety of options. We can supply items in reclaimed\salvaged condition or we can have the items prepared, repaired, finished or up-cycled so that they are ready for you to use. We have sourced everything from imperial slotted head screws, to pitch pine flooring to bars counters, We specialise in matching and where a reclaimed item cannot be found we can source off the shelf or produce bespoke reproductions.


We will come to you and meet with you and your team to understand your needs.  


We can source the following:


  • Architectural salvage

  • Reclaimed building materials

  • Original and antique items

  • Off-the-shelf reproduction items and modern items

  • Unusual items

  • Bespoke reproduction items



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