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It is not always possible to source items to match or complement original items and modern alternatives are often not appropriate. At The Stripy Paint Company we have an ever growing network of specialists and traditional crafts people who we partner with to reproduce and repair original items using traditional and modern methods.  


We understand best conservation practices and we can insure that the appropriate best practice conservation methods are used in our reproductions and repairs. We are happy to take on complex repairs and reproductions, which need input from multiple different disciplines.  

Traditional Cast Metalwork Meets Modern Technology

We are currently working with the Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Gateway (PEM), based in IT Sligo to explore the use of laser scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing for use in pattern making for metalwork casting (cast iron, bronze, brass, aluminium) and we are looking from something suitable to test the process.


Traditionally the patterns used for sand casting would have be made from wood either by hand carving or building up the pattern in sections.


See below for some example of you recent work.


Bespoke Reproductions 

Reproduction Gothic Victorian Doorknobs for Humewood Castle
Reproduction Wooden Cased Rim Deadlock
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