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About The Stripy Paint Company

The Stripy Paint Company was established in 2014 by Paul Gaffney with the aim of making it easier to find and reuse materials which are appropriate for historic buildings.


Paul is and engineer and having and completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Building Repair and Conservation in Trinity College in 2012 decided to take his passion form historic buildings and establish The Stripy Paint Company with the simple mission statement - "Find anything deliver it anywhere". Since then this has been broadened to “Find anything deliver it anywhere and if it can't be found make it!”


The Company Name  - The Stripy Paint Company, what's that about?


In many workplaces a new employee would be sent of to look for things that couldn’t be found as a practical joke. The new employee would often then be sent from place to place in search of the item until someone took pity on then and explained that the item didn’t exist. The person sent looking for the “long stand” would be told to wait over there where they would be left standing for a long time etc etc. In the building industry common items to be sent to look for are – sky hooks, glass hammers, buckets of steam, skirting board ladders, Stripy Paint etc. At The Stripy Paint Company we do a lot of searching!

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At The Stripy Paint Company we specialising in providing items and materials for the conservation and restoration of older buildings.  We are passionate about older building and the period details that set them apart from the modern alternatives.  We understand that modern and new materials are often not appropriate and that more appropriate alternatives can be difficult to find. We specialise in supplying anything that is not readily available of the shelf, the items that can really add that something special to a renovation. 


We can supply architectural salvage, reclaimed building materials, and new alternatives from specialists to meet the specific needs of our customers.  If an item cannot be found we can have original items reproduced or repaired using a large network of specialists.  We provide the following tailored personal services-


  • Sourcing

  • Matching

  • Specialist Repairs

  • Bespoke Reproductions


Our approach is slightly different, we don’t tend to carry much stock but instead we have put our efforts into building a network of suppliers and specialist crafts people with the aim of being able to find anything and deliver it anywhere. We have a large establised network of suppliers and therfore we can save you both time and money while offering you the widest possible range of products. 


If an item can't be found we can have original items reproduced or repaired.


We will come to you and meet with you and your team to understand your needs.  

Our Approach Is Different


We use a large network of suppliers in Ireland, UK, Europe and the USA, if it’s out there we will find it and deliver it to you.


Where an original, reclaimed or salvaged item is not available we can source suitable cost effective reproduction alternatives or we can have an item reproduced to match the original.


We can also organise and manage onsite or offsite repairs of original items using a network of specialist crafts people. We can also provide independent advice on the care and repair of original period features. 


We operate nationwide and no job is too big or too small. If you would like to contact us just click contact in the main menu or our phone number or email  below.



Give us a call today and we will do the searching so you don’t have to. 




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